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A skilful team which is dedicated to helping you create insights from your building data.

At Opinum, we develop simple solutions that help you to keep track of your building data, including usage, consumption and others. Savings will come naturally through the appropriate mix of reports, insights and user awareness screens.

The Opinum Team

consists of engineers, developers and experts ready to help you !


Loic Bar

Loïc is the founder & CEO at Opinum (formerly The Smart Company). Previously, he has worked as team lead for McKinsey & Company. He is the author of several publications and 4 technical books. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he is mentor for the Founder Institute. He leads the strategic development of Opisense™ solution and develops visibility and credit for Opinum in Europe.

Chief Data Scientist & Founder

Jonathan Hubeau

Jonathan combines a 12-year long expertise in high technology R&D projects, both as a scientist and as a project manager, with a 10-year expertise in business strategy consulting and decision making processes. As R&D lead and co-founder at Opinum, Jonathan leads all research activities and product development.


Mark Turcksin

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of marketing, CRM and business management, Mark has a solid track record in managing company operations. As a co-founder of Opinum, Mark is responsible for the operational management in the company.

Head of Development

Georges Legros

Georges is head of Development at Opinum. Our development team functions around three pillars of Opisense solution: the user interface, the application layer and the data processor engine. We use flexible development methodologies that enable an optimal improvement while ensuring production quality.


Alexis Isaac

Alexis is head of commercial team at Opinum. With a 20-year-experience in corporate management sales team management, Alexis ensures to set in place appropriate commercial approach regarding the customers’ needs and the market price. He plays the role of key account manager for Opinum customers and partners.

Senior Software Architect

Denis Bollinne

Denis is a Senior Software Engineer. He has several years of experience in the development of Microsoft technologies, as well as, in the management of complex databases. Denis’s experience ensures the optimal quality of our solution.

Administrative Assistant

Maude Berhin

Maude is in charge of the administrative work in the company. She has been in the office since Opinum’s creation in 2014. She takes care of personnel management, accountancy and organizes the agendas.

Field Service Engineer

Alexandre Detiffe

Alexandre is responsible for the hardware integration of new solutions with our IT platform. As an industrial engineer, Alexandre works at maintaining Opisense solution open and compatible with new data collection techniques.

Business Sales Manager

Ina Averhals

As a business development manager, Ina is responsible for convincing of the Opisense added value in relation with their activity and operational processes. She maintains strong commercial relationships with key accounts and partners in Flanders and in the Netherlands.

Customer Excellence Specialist

Séraphin Vandegar

Séraphin is part of the Hypercare team. He follows our customers from their services activation until they fully control and understand all Opisense functionalities. Séraphin is the contact person in case of trouble, questioning or suggestions about the platform.

Field Service & Project Engineer

Lara Lenchant

As an industrial engineer, Lara is in charge of finding the most appropriated technical solution for each situation on the field regarding the customer’s wishes. It suggests that a good installation management and a project is essential in order that our customers can benefit from all Opisense advantages following its requirements and its buildings.

Senior Software Engineer

Vincent Goossens

Vincent is Senior Developer at Opinum. With more than 25 years of experience in back-end development techniques, he is responsible for the stability of data treatment logic and is responsible for the deployment in production without interruption of activity.

Junior Software Engineer

Francesca Bertoncelli

Francesca is part of the development team where she takes part in both the active development of existing web applications and the creation of new functionalities. Her responsibilities include realisation of user interfaces and ensures the integration with our systems’ data.

Web Designer

Gilles Vercheval

As a graphic designer with more than 8 years in the Web, Gilles takes care of the applications design and of the visual identity of Opinum. His knowledge in front-end design enables him to integrate interfaces developed by our Software Engineers, but also to enhance our customers/users experience (UI/UK).


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