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  • Centralised energy accounting.

    Thanks to Opisense, the manager saves time and gains visibility on consumption. They¬†can therefore act to reduce the bill. By centralising energy consumption data that is directly related to the use o…

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  • Utility split-billing.

    In the case of building complex with multiple tenants, the charges distribution is often made on the basis of quotas calculated on the surface occupied. This method tends to be unfair and to make the …

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  • Remote control of assets.

    Opisense has the ability to interact remotely with your assets directly or with your Building Automation System (BAS). Connected, Opisense can retrieve all the necessary data and send commands to the …

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  • Customer engagement platforms.

    The energy sector is changing fast. Energy providers are becoming key active partners within their community of users who want to reduce their energy bills and increase smart usage. Opisense provides …

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