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Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, March 5th 2018


Eoly S.A., Colruyt's sustainable energy supplier and producer, signs with the company Opinum to boost its energy transition ambitions.


The Colruyt group is a pioneer in the field of energy transition and Eoly is the main player. Starting from a desire for efficiency and increased energy autonomy, Eoly is now a full-fledged player in the energy market. Eoly has a growing set of decentralized production units that allow it to sell its surplus production and flexibility on the network and to business customers.

The complex management of these infrastructures requires powerful and flexible solutions allowing the management of a multitude of data permanently generated by the installations. Eoly opted for Opinum's Opinum Data Hub solution to optimize the management of its infrastructure. In addition to being able to manage virtually any amount of data, Opinum Data Hub offers Eoly the ideal tool to process, analyse, report and build this information and optimally support the daily activities of the group. Opinum Data Hub also allows Eoly to support its future ambitions in the continuity of its efforts in the energy transition.

Opinum Data Hub has been designed to offer very flexible data collection, processing and visualization capabilities. Opinum Data Hub is designed as a customizable environment that gives users the ability to configure their usage to best meet their data usage needs. The platform provides ongoing data quality monitoring, extracting diverse metrics, generating intelligent alerts, and providing relevant visualizations and reports of up-to-date data.

Loïc Bar, CEO of Opinum;  “Today, the Eoly project demonstrates Opinum's ability to manage large amounts of data that are available almost in real time to platform users. Colruyt chose the Opinum Data Hub solution mainly for this reason, but also for the flexibility that interfaces bring to the needs of the group. The Colruyt Group's ambition, in terms of energy transition, is at the height of a platform like Opinum Data Hub. "

In three months, Opinum has made the Opinum Data Hub solution operational for Eoly and integrates more than 4,000 counters whose data are updated every 5 minutes and coexist in a single environment with 10 years of historical data.

About Eoly

Eoly provides sustainable electricity to Colruyt Group companies and external companies. The energy supplier stands out for its reliability and transparency and aims, with the help of its customers, to reduce their energy consumption and make the energy supply more sustainable.


Colruyt Group is a Belgian group active primarily in the retail and wholesale trade in food and non-food products. Colruyt Group divides its activities into four segments: retail, wholesale and catering, other activities and corporate activities. Colruyt Group is currently active in 4 countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg and India.


About d’Opinum

Opinum is a Belgian company active in "Big Data" solutions. It has developed Opinum Data Hub, a technology platform that collects, manages and makes sense of energy and environmental data via an all-time accessible cloud platform. This flexible platform allows, for example, for any energy or environmental data manager to create accurate and dynamic analysis. 

Opinum is currently a major player in the management of Big Data and is active mainly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands with significant references such as Total, ISTA, Engie, Lampiris, Proximus, AG Real Estate, Hervé Thermique, ULB , ...


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