Elia System Imbalance Price

Elia publishes information on the instantaneous system imbalance and net regulation volume for every minute of the past hour.


Name Unit Granularity
SI Megawatt 1 minute
NRV Megawatt 1 minute
SR Megawatt 1 minute
GUV Megawatt 1 minute
IGCCUp Megawatt 1 minute
R2Up Megawatt 1 minute
BidsUp Megawatt 1 minute
R3Std Megawatt 1 minute
R3Flex Megawatt 1 minute
ICHUp Megawatt 1 minute
INter-TSOImport Megawatt 1 minute
GDV Megawatt 1 minute
IGCCUp  Megawatt 1 minute
R2Up Megawatt 1 minute
BidsUp Megawatt 1 minute
Inter-TSOExport Megawatt 1 minute


The Elia group is organised around two electricity transmission system operators: - Elia Transmission in Belgium - 50Hertz Transmission in Germany (in cooperation with Industry Funds Management) Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator (380 kV to 30 kV). As it is part of a Group being one of Europe’s top five TSOs, it is also a key player at European level. Our company plays a crucial role in the community by transmitting electricity from generators to distribution system operators and major industrial consumers, while also importing and exporting electricity from and to neighbouring countries. The Group is a driving force behind the development of an efficient, transparent and fair electricity market for the benefit of consumers and the integration of energy generated from renewable sources. Elia employs more than 1,100 professionals in Belgium who are not only committed to dealing with future challenges but who also handle the day-to-day operation of a system considered to be one of the most reliable in Europe.


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