Data Enhancement

Opinum Data Hub is built to collect data from various sources, from metering information to contextual data sets (weather, building usage, energy prices,...), and to make sure data is qualitative


No matter the technologies, Opinum Data Hub can connect to your data

Most of the time, data exists, but in different silos and systems, or coming from different sources and in different formats. Opinum Data Hub complies with a lot of different protocols, IoT devices and technologies to facilitate data ingestion:

  • Rest API
  • (S)FTP
  • Or manual load

Opinum Data Hub also exposes sets of public data such as official weather information, Entso-e Data, Energy Market Price, Energy Prices, Imbalance Data, etc.

Calculated variables

Process data thanks to calculations

Through calculated variables, user can inject complex machine learning algorithm written in R or Python into the platform. Opinum Data Hub executes these algorithms, maintains and stores the output results in new variables accessible for further interpretation in the analytics module.

Input for these algorithms can be set as other variables, properties (meta-data), or constant values.

Data quality

Always full data

Data Quality is the core concept of good analytics. Opinum Data Hub constantly browses your data to check for any data gaps or/and outliers that could indicate that there are issues in the data collection process. Through advanced filtering options, users can visualize data quality issues and apply existing or custom algorithms to reshape the data, and make it available and usable in further processing steps.

All data sets are versioned to make sure you can restore data in case of wrong reconstruction. 

Meta Data

Opinum Data Hub exposes a set of contextual information to describe and define the data source, such as site information, sources description and variables meta data. The definition of these sets are completely customizable within the platform. Properties of the different sets can be added on the fly and be used as an input for new analytics.


Opinum Data Hub can easily be integrated with external Business Intelligence solutions.

Opinum and the extensive network of Integration Partners provide a wide range of professional services that can assist you with the design, development, and deployment of the Opinum Data Hub solution. From setup within your own infrastructure to integration with market known solutions (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and ERP systems).

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