Data Hub Platform

Data Hub Platform is a complete data management solution for energy & water actors exposed as a featured REST API.

  • Designed for Water & Power Utilities
  • Cost, time-to-market and risks
  • Open API
  • Extend to your specific needs

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Data Hub Portal: Self-service BI

The Data Hub Portal is a self-service BI to leverage all your data into meaningful dashboards, reports and alerts. The user management capabilities let you share access to the portal to both internal & external users with limited access to features and data.

  • Designed for Water & Power Utilities
  • White labelled
  • Self-service oriented
  • Scalable & secure

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Sitecare: B2C Smart Data Portal

Sitecare is a turnkey Smart Meter Data portal for B2C users. The portal leverage all the features of the data hub platform to give access, in a secure way, to smart meter data through dashboard, alerts and reports.

  • Secure portal
  • White label
  • Customized dashboard
  • Responsive interface

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Complete documentation

Data Hub is fully documented on our public documentation web site.

The documentation addresses different needs and user profile and helps you to be autonomous. As a user, you can learn how to use the Data Hub through the user manual. Our technical documentation allows you to understand how to configure and integrate the Data Hub with external data and system. Finally, the API provides developers with all they need to extend the solution.

Security by design

Audited by third parties

Data Hub is a secure platform which is audited by third parties. You can find more information on our security policy document.

Cloud, SoveReign cloud & OnPrem

Your data are important and Opinum wants to propose deployment capabilities that fit your needs.

Data Hub platform can be used on a multi-tenant cloud, offers sovereign cloud options and OnPrem installation. Data Hub has been designed to be agnostic to cloud managed solution and runs on open source technologies.

A marketplace to build faster

Quickly access public sets of data for all your needs and to accelerate your go-to-market.

Whether you want to quickly access public data sets, cutting edge algorithms or pre-configured application, the martketplace offers you a one stop shop for all your needs and accelerate your go-to-market.

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