Opinum provides several ways to send or retrieve data from Opisense. The two major approaches are through a FTP based technology, or through the usage of our API. The API provides extended possibilities to integrate data or to build applications on top of our infrastructures

Opisense API

Access all your data

The complete documentation of our API is available at the following URL:

It describes all type of calls that can be implemented to write data under your account in Opisense, or how to retrieve data and functions from our plateform and build external applications using our API


The Opisense architecture allows building external applications on top of the existing solution. Opinum provides sample coding through its Github account, allowing external developers to create new sources of code and share them for the developers community or keep it private

Opisense platform relies on a infrastructure which respects all security standards. Opinum and Opisense are audited by external companies to ensure that your information is completely safe at all times.

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