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Gas & Power Utilities
Water, Gas & Power Grid
Energy & environment services companies

What is Opinum Data Hub?

Our Data Hub is a secured Cloud-based platform that allows energy and environmental actors to centralise, enhance, analyse, and visualize their data. Because our Data Hub is designed specifically for energy and environmental actors, it includes built-in industry-standard rules, capabilities, and analytics, which enable our clients to exploit their data more precisely, quickly, and securely.

Connect & Transform
Data Quality & Analytics
View & Share
  • Eliminate your silos and unlock data
  • Normalized data model combining timeseries, metadata, calendar information, open data and events
Data Quality & Analytics
  • Data Quality: Monitoring of ingestion process & data integrity
  • Data Processing: automate the processing of your algorithms and store the results
View & Share
  • Leverage your data using customized dashboards, reports and alerts
  • Integrate your data into business flows
  • Expose your data to third party systems

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What makes the difference

  • The Data Hub by Opinum is the only data hub specialized in energy and environmental data management. This specialization grants better time to market and better price points.

  • Opinum Data Hub offers a distinctive user experience that serves perfectly the needs of both Business and IT users. It is recognized as above the competition.

  • Opinum Data Hub doesn’t include preset algorithms. This grants more flexibility and a better protection of the company’s know how and expertise.

About Opinum

Our mission is to help our clients contribute to the United Nation sustainable goals by providing them Opinum Data Hub.

Opinum is a Belgian company founded in 2014. Opinum has created and ensures the continuous development of the "Opinum Data Hub" platform, designed for energy and environmental actors. Opinum is the key partner of these actors in their digital transformation journey.

Opinum Data Hub covers all stages of the data management value chain to allow its users to look beyond the complexity of data and focus on their core value and expertise. Opinum Data Hub is mainly intended for large private and public service companies, energy suppliers and companies with expertise in energy management (ESCO).

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