Cutting-edge technologies like GenAI and Deeplearning are transforming the energy sector, offering innovative solutions for more efficient energy production, distribution, and management.

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AI Applications in the Energy Sector

Imbalance forecast

Thanks to AI algorithms, energy consumption and production imbalances have become more predictable than ever. By forecasting when these mismatches occur, consumption patterns can be adjusted to avoid disruptions, ensuring smooth energy flow and efficient usage. Additionally, utilizing AI, we can now accurately predict energy prices based on these forecasts, enabling users to optimize their energy usage.


By analyzing data from smart meters and IoT devices, AI algorithms can accurately identify and track energy usage of specific appliances in real-time. This granular insight not only empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage but also enables utilities to optimize energy distribution and offer personalized energy efficiency recommendations.

Leaks detection
and predictive maintenance

AI will help detect leaks and predict equipment failures, minimizing downtime, costs, and environmental impact. Utilities can now proactively maintain assets for enhanced efficiency.


By leveraging AI algorithms, users can compare their energy usage with similar households, based on the information they provided. This personalized benchmarking not only allows for a more accurate comparison but also facilitates tailored energy-saving recommendations. This approach empowers users to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and a more sustainable environment.

Ultimately, AI-driven energy disaggregation leads to reduced energy waste, lower utility bills,
and a more sustainable energy future.

Loïc Bar, CEO, Opinum

No AI without Data

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