Our Data Hub

Our Data Hub is a secured Cloud-based platform that allows energy and environmental actors to centralise, enhance, analyse, and visualize their data.

Because our Data Hub is designed specifically for energy and environmental actors, it includes built-in industry-standard rules, capabilities, and analytics, which enable our clients to exploit their data more precisely, quickly, and securely.

Our offers

Opinum Data Hub is built to collect data from various sources, from metering information to contextual data sets (weather, building usage, energy prices, etc.) and to make sure data is qualitative.


No matter the technologies, Opinum Data Hub can connect to your data

Opinum Data Hub exposes a set of features to easily import your data from external data sources to IoT devices. Our product exposes an Open Rest-ful API to push data in any format. An ETL process makes it possible to standardize the data. 

On top of our standard API, Opinum partners with equipment manufacturers, open data standards and application builder to process a set of useful, pre-built connectors such as Smappee, EWattch, Siemens, ...


Customize the data model to your needs and build a global relation between your sources of data.

Opinum Data Hub allows you to structure information. Customize the structure of timeseries data and meta-data into meaningful sources of information and define the relation between the sources using our Graph structure.

The platform features a bulk provisionning system, Master Data, allowing you to create/update and configure massive deployment of objects.


Always full data

Data Quality is the core concept of good analytics. Opinum Data Hub constantly browses your data to check for any data gaps or/and outliers that could point out issues in the data collection process. Through advanced filtering options, user can visualize data quality issues and apply existing or custom algorithms to reshape the data, and make them available and usable in further processing steps.

All data sets are versioned to make sure you can restore data in case of wrong reconstruction.


Process data thanks to calculations

Through calculated variables, user can inject complex machine learning algorithm written in R or Python into the platform. Opinum Data Hub executes these algorithms, maintains and stores the output results in new variables accessible for further interpretation in the analytics module.

Input for these algorithms can be set as other variables, properties (meta-data), or constant values.

Opinum Data Hub accelerates the digital transformation
of the Water & Energy sector

  • Data access rules designed to address the water & energy challenges
  • Standard data structuration fitting the industry requirements
  • Specific data visualisation features
  • Data connectors with leading industry IoT and platforms

Our solution provides numerous functionalities to capitalize on data; from simple dashboarding to complex calculations



Create dynamic dashboards with Opinum Data Hub to dig into your data and run powerful insights. Dashboard exposes graphical capabilities such as heatmap, line, bar, pie charts etc. The dashboard can also embed visualizations done through external BI tools like PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau. It can also integrate external HTML content in order to customize to your own requirements.



Excel is in every organization. We all know the manual workload involved in the process of maintaining an Excel report up-to-date is cumbersome. Opinum Data Hub exposes a report capability allowing you to link your Excel processing with the up-to-date data within Opinum Data Hub. The platform will use the calculation logic of your Excel to maintain your report always up-to-date.



Opinum Data Hub provides alerting functionalities for different type of events or data deviations. Alerts can be configured to inform on data collection issues, data deviations, abnormal consumptions, etc. on existing data or through calculated variables.

Alerts can be communicated through e-mail, SMS or can even be integrated with external sytems through our API.


Opinum Data Hub accelerates digital transformation
journey in the Water & Energy sector

  • Data access rules designed to address the water & energy challenges
  • Standard data structuration fitting the industry requirements
  • Specific data visualisation features
  • Data connectors with leading industry IoT and platforms


Opinum Data Hub is audited by an external company regarding data sercurity and business continuity procedures, ensuring a reliable management of data for our clients.

Built for developers

Boilerplate template for your B2C customer portal

Developing a B2C/B2B customer care portal where consumers can connect and visualize their data in a common use case. Opinum has developped and maintained such a portal as an open source project directly available on our Github repository. 


This project allows our customer to accelerate the development of digital solutions without the burden of managing the full data infrastructure and security layer. Focus on building the next business oriented digital solutions on top of your data ! 

Get access to open source projects to get started

From connecting to our API using C#, R or Python clients, example of master data files, widget boilertemplate app to full customer care application examples, you can find what you need to get started with Opinum Data Hub API in our Github.

Opinum is commited to continue maintaining the different open source projects and to contribute more largely to the open source community.


Discover our Documentation Center

In our Documentation Center, you will find:

Opinum user manual
Find all the information you need to enjoy Opinum, from the basics concepts to start sending your data to the advanced calculations and visualization features.

Developer center
Go through the technical documentation and API documentation. To go further you can test the API on Swagger, and find our samples on GitHub

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